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Established LLC, March 2022

“We promote Christian stuff.” We seek out products, services, trainings, and etc. that are made by and for Christians. Majority of our promoted “stuff” is found through affiliate marketing (promoting a person’s or company’s product or services for commission after a sale) and brand ambassadorship.

About the affiliate/creator

Hello my name is Thomas King. I am a father, husband, son, and brother. I work full time as a school custodian. In my spare time I am a digital marketer and designer. As a believer I wanted to focus on promoting Christian resources and services. I wanted to promote something that I am passionate about, my faith. I also wanted to create a way for other believers to find Christian resources without having to search all over the internet. In my search for Christian resources, I had a lot of uncertainties of where to look and search. I didn’t know some of the things that I could use as instruments to strengthen my faith. As I have found resources, through affiliate marketing, and other business searches, I decided to start a company promoting those resources. This is a way to provide for my family and help Believers in their walk with God.

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The goal of the business is to establish a base or central point for Christian resources. Normally a person has to do extensive searches to find information, products, services, trainings and etc. to support, strengthen and promote their faith. All Stuff Christian aims to combine all of those resources and place them in one location. All is done to help Christian businesses and Christian products get more exposure through digital marketing.


Creating a network for Christians to promote and support each other. Establish a long and trusting relationship with companies, churches, communities and clients. Offer services in digital marketing. Grow a fan base and followers. Create our own products and brand. Help with sponsoring events.